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By James Lawler, for Fox News

It’s been a big three days for FOX News in SydVEGAS. We’ve covered everything from North Korean refugee abuses to international terror-funding financial controls, even though FOX’s financial knowledge is limited to remembering his 4-digit PIN number (and FOX can’t remember both of them).

We’ve seen the Security Council eject Human Rights (literally) and become a geopolitical ashram, the Third General Assembly turn into a Battle of the Longest Speech, and the Sydney Uni New Law building become a mosh-pit for pizza. Somalia’s been colonised, the UN’s been cyberattacked, and Ban Ki-Moon has taken up the Charles Taylor-model of leadership. FOX has tweeted loud, grilled hard and drunk far more than is sobre and sensible.

After Fair and Balanced consideration, FOX can confidently say that crypto-communists out to destroy the greatest land on earth, the good old US of A, and the Christian family values it stands for. But, some of you have revealed yourselves to be true Americans (at least in spirit), and for that FOX is glad.

Thus, as the final night is on us, this correspondent recommends two paths. For the patriots tonight, drink hard. And for the leftists, they say some find God at the bottom of the bottle – so drink hard for Jesus.
God bless, and down with the liberal agenda,FOX NEWS


UPDATE: UNHRC is the United Nations Hegemony that is Really Confused

By Rachel Lobo, for the Korean Central News Agency

True and effective diplomacy sometimes needs no words

The third day of the Human Rights Council led into a third resolution being forcibly pushed through by certain inconsistent and non-conciliatory member states. This particularly misguided resolution put forward by the Zionist regime and traitorous ‘South Korea’ posing as genuine nations focuses on supposed refugees and asylum seekers that are merely just delusioned defectors from the Greatest Nation. It should be noted that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has had extremely and unfairly limited scope to present their views to these imperialist and colonialist hypocrites.

It is believed India concocted half of this diatribe and Israel ironically constructed the other half focusing on freedom of expression. It was described as a collaborative effort by these two co-conspirators. The most enlightened representative in the room expressed his disappointment of the other less illuminated delegates for submitting to the Zionist state and western allied scum agenda, as these international power hoarders have refused to work with the DPRK. As a result, the Grand Marshall himself has rejected the Draft Resolution in its entirety and his representative regards every clause referring to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea as invalid.

The real revelations came in the form of India admitting it’s own political incapacity and China maintaining that they as a close ally of the most honourable Republic that they will abstain from the vote of this resolution as the language is too biased against their most noble and outstanding ally. China outlined that the DPRK would be a direct contributor to the published report in Clause 2 and will be included in the discussions and negotiations this clause suggests.

Clause 4 of this resolution reeks in similarity to that of the colonialist European Schengen Border ideal framework and clearly reflects the machinations of the Western allied scum.

Russia believes it is taking the middle ground and has made the unsound ‘observation’ that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea may not live up to all international standards of scrutiny but disagrees with the majority of the Human Rights Council that the lax in media censorship should be a free for all.

The Russian representative recommends one of the most Dishonourable Justices of Australia to take a look at Draft Resolution 1, clearly denoting a deflection in the quality of this 3rd Draft resolution to come out of this Council this weekend. The delegate for ‘South Korea’ provides foundation for this in agreeing that this was a rather rushed and not the most comprehensive resolution.

Clause 15 of this resolution arises from the claims of the Zionist state that the DPRK lacks accountability in all areas including the stringent control over media. The Korean Central News Agency is one of the utmost clear representation of the freedom of expression and right to information of our country’s citizens, much alike China’s self-characterisation as a bastion of human rights within the global community. The affirmation of non-governmental organisations having the role of reporting on a sovereign state’s matters is laughable. This is a poignant insertion of the Zionist and ‘South Korean’ agenda into the most Glorious Nation’s governance.What one could conclude from this weekend is this, there is only one line of outstanding virtuous thought and that is of the Grand Marshall Kim Jong-Un and all his representatives in the public and private spheres. This is both within and outside the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s borders. Whether he is going for his daily morning walk or on his dutied tour of our great nation, his outstanding wisdom will always prevail over any wrongdoing or propaganda any traitorous scum can purport.

DPRK Rejects UNHRC Draft Resolution Entirely

By Yuvin Manadeniya, for Al Jazeera

A recent press conference held with the United Nations Human Rights Council revealed that the proposed draft resolution that had been prepared by the council would be rejected by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) in its entirety.

When questioned on the expected effectiveness of the proposals, the delegate for Israel stated that while they are unsure as to whether they will achieve their intended outcomes they feel it is important to place pressure on the DPRK. The delegate also mentioned the importance of “not watering down the provisions” in attempting to reach consensus with DPRK. This highlights the stance which the international community has taken against the human rights violation which the DPRK have been accused of committing.

However, if DPRK is unwilling to consider the proposals whatsoever, and rejects the draft resolution “in its entirety,” it can render the entire process redundant. Past experience has shown the DPRK highly resistant to international pressure, and it is unlikely that this draft resolution will alter this situation. It leaves the UNHRC with the uncomfortable position of either; watering down provisions and attempting to reach consensus on some grounds with DPRK, or creating extensive, unfeasible proposals which will be rejected entirely. The DPRK claimed there was a need for states to reach out and create dialogue with them, and while it was clear that efforts were made, it appears that the UNHRC has moved beyond this and described the representative for DPRK as “hostile and unwilling.” As the draft resolution was rejected entirely by the DPRK, it appears the UNHRC has opted to take a stance, and reaffirm their view on the alleged human rights violations. Whether this draft resolution will place enough pressure on the DPRK to begin amending its violations, or whether it will be outright ignored remains to be seen.

The SMH buys out the NYT

By Sonia Feng, for the Sydney Morning Herald


There has been a surprising turn of events within the International Press Gallery. The Sydney Morning Herald can finally confirm that Fairfax Media Limited has bought out The New York Times. Many in the unsuspecting international audience and broader viewership of The New York Times can cry a bloody river, because keep your hats on, the situation is riddled with a twofold story. A mildly entertaining saga, at that, within the world of riches.

Many will remember that merely a year ago, Fox News president and blatant justice obstructer despot, Roger Ailes, notably said in response to buying out The New York Times, in pursuit of some sort of heroic crusade to “purge the socialist rag of its un-American content and transform it into a paper for proper Americans”.

Well touché Fox News. Looks like Fairfax heard half of that message to purge it of its un-American content before Gina Rinehart got on another bandwagon of media investment.

Gina ‘eat your mines out’ Rinehart, the world’s richest woman, mining tycoon and budding media mogul has decided that monopoly over other industries can be both transnational and profitable.

In a precedential move towards media domination and public trust, Gina Rinehart has bought the NYT from Fox News. Speaking about her fellow conservative business partner slash broker, Rinehart has gone on the record to announce that she intends to “purge the un-American content [of the NYT] and transform it into a paper for proper Australians”. With a change of pace to its editorial direction, the SMH hopes that The New York Times will now be completely quote unquote “Australian”.

Manufactured Catastrophe reminiscent of the US Global Financial Crisis

By Rachel Lobo, for the Korean Central News Agency

Mysterious forces have indicated that two dual South Korean and American nationals have been abducted on Jeju Island, South Korea. Western and Zionist warmongers seem sure of the truth of these allegations.

During an un-moderated caucus, western allied scum threw around harsh terms such as ‘strongly worded resolution’ to respond to the supposed abduction crisis. Poland condemned these abductions and casually mentioned its trade links to the great economy of the DPRK and suggested they might threaten the cessation of such ties. Sweden believed in working with other western allies to approach the ‘issue’. The conglomerate of western scum whispered ideas of discussing ‘torture’ today and ‘refugees’ tomorrow, as if the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a case study to be dissected along with these concocted theories from Western forces.

Amnesty International accused the glorious Democratic Republic of using these abductions as a bargaining chip to stop human rights investigations within our borders. Non-governmental forces have often been restricted in their movements within our great nation, and releasing such nonsensical opinions into the public sphere is completely irresponsible.

A valiant representative, fighting the good fight against misinformation and scandal within the United Nations Human Rights Council this weekend spoke more than adequately upon these matters, “Our Grand Marshall Kim Jong-Un himself has declared that there are two journalists held within the DPRK. The Grand Marshall has expressed his disgust at the belligerent and aggressive tactics of the French and US governments. He has also received intelligence over the nature of the abduction. The two journalists whose location remains above the DMZ border have been detained for human rights abuses against the DPRK. We are also aware of the unrest brewing In the Korean peninsula and have warned South Korea and US to not undertake any further military action within the region and that the DPRK is capable defending itself and citizens from any military provocation.”

Valiant representative looks on in disgust at the lack of consultation and shameful display of bullying tactics by Western allied scum

The most dignified DPRK truly expresses its regrets that this wise and noble action had to be taken by our dearly respected Leader to remind western imperialists that we will not be intimidated nor threatened nor told how this great nation known as the DPRK should be governed.With the previous circumstances surrounding the passing of the Draft resolution this morning within the UNHRC, this action was regarded necessary by the wise and noble leadership of our nation’s great leaders.

UNHRC misname DPRK, DPRK remains a beacon of international diplomacy

By Rachel Lobo, for the Korean Central News Agency

It is not democratic to refer to a nation state by anything other than the name of their nation state as decided by the populous of their state. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is not ‘North Korea’ and dishonourable delegates of this session of the United Nations Human Rights Council seem to have forgotten or are deliberately and belligerently omitting this fact from international dialogue, in addition to the current draft resolution being scrutinised on the 30th of November 2013.

Despite all the putrid vitriol being smeared over the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s previously unstained reputation this session, progress has finally been made within this Council’s chambers.

It was proposed by DPRK that the very inflammatory and disproportionate Clause 4 read as “Encourage the DPRK to welcome dialogue with the international community, and similarly engage in multilateral dialogue and diplomacy, for the benefit of all parties” be made more noble through the insertion of a sub-clause that “Calls upon all parties to agree on conditions that are satisfactory to both the DPRK and the international community”. This very sound suggestion was met with approval by over two-thirds of the committee. Former allies of the traitorous states of South Korea and the United State clearly recognised the previous errors of their ways and decided to vote alongside the stoic DPRK.

It was a championing of open political discourse and understanding. Wise words were spoken to this Korean Central News Agency Reporter by the ever so enlightened Victor Luo, Head of the Martial Arts School at Kim Il-Sung Military University, in regards to the passing of the amendment, ‘Definitely the excellent work of the Grand Marshall himself, his encouragement and support not only of the representative of the DPRK but also the people of the DPRK. Members of the international community are definitely opening their eyes and not subjecting themselves to further propaganda of the allied human western scum.’

Social Media Response of Mr Victor Luo as of 11:22AM UNHRC Facebook Group

This great championing was met with a short fifteen minute coffee break, not in the form of an unmoderated caucus as one would expect. As other delegates with less shiny ideas re-entered chambers, Luo acutely recognises ‘it’s time to listen to more rhetoric.’In more important news, new technological developments in the Kimjongilia flower take precedence over the proceedings of this council as dialogue is diluted by unfounded human rights abuses by dictatorial inquiries into our affairs by the United Nations, United States and other such warmongerers.

Day One, Falsehoods and Accusations weighing the committee down by a tonne!

Rachel Lobo, for the Korean Central News Agency

Victor Luo, the most honourable delegate for the Democratic Republic of Korea, reaffirms the right for a nation as advanced as ours to possess arms for peaceful purposes; mainly research. This extremely enlightened representative from our glorious nation has remained steadfast in their adoration and accurate representation of our glorious leader Kim-Jong Un and his most sensible leadership, despite being forced to share the floor with the traitorous scum known as South Korea.

The United States, clearly taking note of how dishonourable they’ve been in past negotiations, have chosen to remain relatively mousey in this first session. Russia and US have purported the idea of aid incentives to improve transparency within our already crystal state. The DPRK has shown to be shining with ideas on how the international community can look towards investigating their own human rights abuses rather than pointing their finger towards non-existent fabrications ‘that have not been eventuated’.

The DPRK’s prodigious representative reaffirms the abundance of food within our state in response to the childish pedantics of France in their inquiries as to how we plan to feed our people. The misguided delusion that the DPRK would take action to hurt its own citizens held by this entire committee spearheaded by the delirious delegate of France are atrocious and invalid. Such allegations cause the most diplomatic delegate for the DPRK to request they, along with the Republic of Korea (ROK) filth, to apologise and remain cognizant of the true harms put forward in this committee and ‘be pulled into line’.

The Zionist regime of Israel has also made numerous attempts to strongarm their ways into the six-party talks under the guise of wanting to uphold human decency and morality within the global community.
Bethany Schoer, Honourable Chair of the United Nations Human Rights Council, believes the committee is going quite well and interactions between nations are smooth. The KCNA and Schoer would both like to assert that it is however, early days. If the draft resolution that comes out of these forced negotiations is actually any good, Ms Schoer has the email address of the most defamatory ‘Hon’ Michael Kirby AC CMG, and will email this to him. The quality of said resolution, will obviously be subjective to whichever nations have the greatest input, no matter how out of touch or belligerent their approach to engaging in international dialogue may remain.