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By James Lawler, for Fox News

It’s been a big three days for FOX News in SydVEGAS. We’ve covered everything from North Korean refugee abuses to international terror-funding financial controls, even though FOX’s financial knowledge is limited to remembering his 4-digit PIN number (and FOX can’t remember both of them).

We’ve seen the Security Council eject Human Rights (literally) and become a geopolitical ashram, the Third General Assembly turn into a Battle of the Longest Speech, and the Sydney Uni New Law building become a mosh-pit for pizza. Somalia’s been colonised, the UN’s been cyberattacked, and Ban Ki-Moon has taken up the Charles Taylor-model of leadership. FOX has tweeted loud, grilled hard and drunk far more than is sobre and sensible.

After Fair and Balanced consideration, FOX can confidently say that crypto-communists out to destroy the greatest land on earth, the good old US of A, and the Christian family values it stands for. But, some of you have revealed yourselves to be true Americans (at least in spirit), and for that FOX is glad.

Thus, as the final night is on us, this correspondent recommends two paths. For the patriots tonight, drink hard. And for the leftists, they say some find God at the bottom of the bottle – so drink hard for Jesus.
God bless, and down with the liberal agenda,FOX NEWS


ILC Passes Report That Is Thorough Yet Lacking in Ambition

By Alex Wilde, for The Washington Post

After a weekend of debate, hard work and (regrettably) late starts, the ILC has just completed drafting its report on humanitarian intervention.

There are many positive elements in this report. Recognising ‘Responsibility to Protect’ as a norm allows the UN to prioritise human rights over the state’s responsibility to maintain sovereignty in carrying out military intervention. This is highly important as reliance on this norm gives the UN the ability (to some degree) to conduct preventive operations that quell the potential for a humanitarian crisis to grow. Delegates adopted this principle in light of the 2011 UN Security Council Resolution on Libya, cited as a rare example of the UNSC conducting preventive measures effectively.

However, there is much more that needs to be done in the future. The codified report barely attempts to challenge the competency of the UNSC in its ability to conduct intervention operations. Success of intervention programs is contingent almost entirely on an effective UNSC. Reforms to P5 veto power, lack of representation and non-transparency of decision-making must be addressed in a future session for the aims of this session to be completely realised.

With that said, all delegates should be commended for their efforts over the past weekend, and hopefully the potential for crisis to occur in the future has been narrowed as a result of their work.

The SMH buys out the NYT

By Sonia Feng, for the Sydney Morning Herald


There has been a surprising turn of events within the International Press Gallery. The Sydney Morning Herald can finally confirm that Fairfax Media Limited has bought out The New York Times. Many in the unsuspecting international audience and broader viewership of The New York Times can cry a bloody river, because keep your hats on, the situation is riddled with a twofold story. A mildly entertaining saga, at that, within the world of riches.

Many will remember that merely a year ago, Fox News president and blatant justice obstructer despot, Roger Ailes, notably said in response to buying out The New York Times, in pursuit of some sort of heroic crusade to “purge the socialist rag of its un-American content and transform it into a paper for proper Americans”.

Well touché Fox News. Looks like Fairfax heard half of that message to purge it of its un-American content before Gina Rinehart got on another bandwagon of media investment.

Gina ‘eat your mines out’ Rinehart, the world’s richest woman, mining tycoon and budding media mogul has decided that monopoly over other industries can be both transnational and profitable.

In a precedential move towards media domination and public trust, Gina Rinehart has bought the NYT from Fox News. Speaking about her fellow conservative business partner slash broker, Rinehart has gone on the record to announce that she intends to “purge the un-American content [of the NYT] and transform it into a paper for proper Australians”. With a change of pace to its editorial direction, the SMH hopes that The New York Times will now be completely quote unquote “Australian”.

ILC Tardiness Delays Debate Significantly, Public Confidence in UN at Risk

By Alex Wilde, for The Washington Post

The delegates of the ILC may be among the most intelligent legal minds in the world, as was made evident by their superb reasoning during yesterday’s session. Their flouting of basic ethical standards in failing to turn up to committee however falls far short of what is universally demanded of seasoned legal representatives.


Only three delegates turned up to committee at the starting time of 9am. By 10:30am, two more delegates arrived to bring attendance to five, still short of the seven needed to resume debate. At publication, the two extra delegates have yet to turn up, meaning debate has yet to resume.

This behaviour is appalling, plain and simple. This session of the ILC is one of the most important in recent memory. The international community needs clear guidelines on how to conduct humanitarian intervention. The prolonged Syrian crisis is clear evidence of this. For ILC delegates to trivialise the lives of millions of citizens at the expense of their own leisure can only be described as scandalous.

There is no doubt that public confidence in the United Nations and related institutions has been severely damaged by this atrocious display. People all over the world have grown weary of the inability of the UN to adequately address conflict, and there was much hope that the outcomes of this session would rectify this lack of confidence. Unfortunately, the day for such change will have to wait another day, even if it would take the deaths of another thousand Syrian citizens to get there.Diplomatic standards could not possibly steep to lower depths than this.

A Full Night’s Sleep, and the ILC is Finally on a Roll

By Alex Wilde for The Washington Post

Following yesterday’s slow start, the members of the ILC have decided to restrict the debate to key concepts instead of juggling multiple issues at once. This is highly welcome, as it allows complex ideas to be unpackaged in a manner conducive towards a thorough report.

The fundamental norm of ‘Responsibility to Protect’ faces little disagreement by delegates. The criteria supporting the principle outlined in Articles 136 and 137 of the World Summit Outcome 2005 received equal support. Delegate 2 stated in an interview with this journalist that the threshold contained within these Articles is sufficient as they limit grounds for intervention to extreme cases (i.e. genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, etc). The WSO criteria should be accepted without alteration as inclusion of new criteria could result in arbitrary reliance on principles to pursue intervention on grounds that may not necessarily be humanitarian. These sentiments were echoed by the majority of delegates during debate.

On the ever-present issue of state sovereignty, all delegates agreed on the basic point that sovereignty should be treated as supreme under the UN Charter, however the operation of R2P effectively prioritises the need to address human rights abuse over matters of state concern. Discussions were framed in purely legalistic terms; the positions of humans themselves have only been referenced fleetingly.

Finally, discussions on the conduct of military intervention are underway with a variety of opinions expressed. Delegate 5 is of the firm opinion that their needs to be a categorisation of cases that replicates the WSO criteria in the final report. When asked whether intervention could be conducted to prevent escalation of potential conflict, the Delegate warned that pre-emptive action potentially falls outside of UN Security Council powers outlined under Ch VII of the UN Charter. When further questioned on the ability of the UNSC to carry out intervention on the basis of its poor record, the Delegate understood such criticism, though she believed questions of UNSC effectiveness should not be addressed during this session.

Delegate 7 in response suggested intervention by regional bodies as an alternative to relying on the UNSC to carry out such operations, citing the 1990s Kosovo intervention by NATO as an example. Delegate 5 quickly delivered a rebuttal, claiming the NATO intervention to be illegal and not permitted under the international legal framework. If regional organisations were to play a role, they would have a limited position under the framework, she claimed.Discussions continue with many more issues left to resolve.

A Slow, Yet Promising Start for the ILC

By Alex Wilde, for the Washington Post

The cries of thousands of Syrian citizens suffering under the war-stricken Assad regime have appeared to have fallen on death ears within the halls of the ILC. The first session saw a variety of well-reasoned opinions expressed, though consensus on how to draft the final report that would provide the international community with clear guidelines on humanitarian intervention remains a distant achievement.

The complexity of international legal concepts makes the task of codification a challenge for the ILC. Discussions from the outset of the session proved promising, with common agreement appeared to be reached in accepting the norm of “Responsibility to Protect” as a sound foundation for intervention. However, it did not take long for focus to be lost as delegates began to raise multiple issues at once, obstructing the flow of debate in the process.
Many of the issues raised were highly important and demand further exploration.
Delegate 1 (delegate names withheld) emphasised that military intervention should be a last resort, and even then operations should be strictly limited to prevent further civilian casualties.
Delegate 6 considered the possibility of circumventing Ch VII (of UN Charter) powers that grant the UN Security Council sole authority to intervene, in light of failures of the UNSC to adequately respond to crises such as Syria.

And Delegate 3 attempted to persuade members to broadly interpret the term ‘intervention’ to include actions of political pressure and structural readjustment, which could drastically alter the operation of current intervention norms as they stand.

Delegates should be commended for raising these issues. The next step is to explore each in further detail, and to consider how to draft them into the final report. ILC members are among the sharpest legal minds in the world; they must maintain the vigour necessary to complete this undertaking by the end of this.

P IS FOR PINKO, F IS FOR FASCIST: FOX exposes YOUR conference “media”

By James Lawler for Fox News

If the liberty of the people depends on an independent media, then we may as well chain ourselves up right now – because this SydMUN brings the most farcical line-up of “free” press ever recorded.

In the left corner, we have the West’s usual cheer-squad for that totalitarian assault on American freedoms known as “liberalism”. From across the pond, delegates will be treated to the sight of crypto-communist rag The Guardian sympathetically covering the plight of Syrian child refugees in UNICEF, then vomiting their personal details across the internet.

Meanwhile, as the main cheerleader for President Obama and his proud record of crushing religious freedom, The New York Times will be reporting on the ICC’s attempted prosecution of Pope Benedict XVI. No prizes for guessing which way their analysis will tilt. Also anticipate leftist spin from Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald in the Second General Assembly – they endorsed a prime ministerial-candidate with RED hair!

Lurching across the political spectrum, we find the “state media” of the bully-boys of the international playground. From the Security Council, expect expert coverage on Pakistani terrorism deliberations from Al-Jazeera – after all, they have plenty of experience endorsing terrorism everywhere else.

Alternatively, First General Assembly delegates may wish to take note of our Comrades from Chinese-run Xinhua. Rumour has it you can make them disappear by shutting your eyes, clicking your heels thrice and saying “There’s no place like Tiananmen Square!”

But, reader, have no fear! By the command of God-King Rupert Murdoch himself, your intrepid correspondent is here to bring you the truth. As the only Fair And Balanced media outlet present at SydMUN 2013, FOX News will leave no un-American stone unturned through hard-hitting exposés on the liberal-fascist agenda from the Security Council to the International Law Commission.

Stay tuned, world – freedom is coming.

P.S. If you’re returning home via airline and find yourself fined for excess baggage, it’s probably the KCNA press team trying to seek political asylum.