Press Release in the UNDP

By Tiffany Alexander, for the BBC

Debate transpired today in the UNDP over the appropriate course of action to publicly acknowledge the tragedy that has struck Cambodia and Somalia. If the public comes to the conclusion that the statement is ‘neutral’ (in it’s language? In it’s emotional impact?) then they will be satisfying Norway who felt this was ‘appropriate’ for a press release. The implication by Norway that journalism is purely empirical is possibly a view shared by Israel who refused to acknowledge the statement, the other explanation being his vendetta against Cambodia and hence a refusal to pay her people respects. This action is at least consistent with his radical impression on the committee so far. The statement is as follows:

“The international community recognizes the grave situation of the natural disasters that have recently affected Cambodia and Somalia and wish to express its sincerest condolences. In direct response to these events, the UNDP has focused upon developing an equitable humanitarian framework that enables the entire international community to react more effectively and with greater swiftness to future natural disasters and other multi-faceted humanitarian crises. In light of previous disasters and relief efforts, the UNDP seeks to streamline an efficient response for all affected nations.”


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