USA & Syria: Friend or Foe?

By Jay Ng, for The Guardian

The first draft resolution in UNICEF has been put forward by the USA, released during the morning session of the meeting. It focuses on creating two zones: Zone 1 including Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and Turkey, with Zone 2 containing just Syria.

There would be prioritisation of healthcare and welfare for children in Zone 1. UNICEF would work closely with WHO to provide vaccinations, medical professionals and medicine. The draft resolution further proposes a secondary implementation on education for refugee children in Zone 1, which emphasizes the importance of children’s learning opportunities and encourages displaced educators to teach again.

USA and Syria have been cooperative and positive with respect to each other during the morning session, as The Guardian covered earlier today on Twitter:


However, Syria’s delegate revealed to The Guardian there was still mistrust and instability in the relationship they have with America, adding that Syria is “only supporting the US’ draft resolution because it focuses on issues external to Syria itself”. They will ‘abandon any support for action by USA or UK’ if their sovereignty is being taken away by other actors.

The USA’s delegate responded that there is a “fine line between protecting Syrian children and women and sovereignty”. The USA will determine their own actions when Syrian civilians are at stake. Well, classic America.

imageobamalookingfunnyThe secret of US-Syria relationship will be revealed later today as amendments are proposed.


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