UNHRC misname DPRK, DPRK remains a beacon of international diplomacy

By Rachel Lobo, for the Korean Central News Agency

It is not democratic to refer to a nation state by anything other than the name of their nation state as decided by the populous of their state. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is not ‘North Korea’ and dishonourable delegates of this session of the United Nations Human Rights Council seem to have forgotten or are deliberately and belligerently omitting this fact from international dialogue, in addition to the current draft resolution being scrutinised on the 30th of November 2013.

Despite all the putrid vitriol being smeared over the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s previously unstained reputation this session, progress has finally been made within this Council’s chambers.

It was proposed by DPRK that the very inflammatory and disproportionate Clause 4 read as “Encourage the DPRK to welcome dialogue with the international community, and similarly engage in multilateral dialogue and diplomacy, for the benefit of all parties” be made more noble through the insertion of a sub-clause that “Calls upon all parties to agree on conditions that are satisfactory to both the DPRK and the international community”. This very sound suggestion was met with approval by over two-thirds of the committee. Former allies of the traitorous states of South Korea and the United State clearly recognised the previous errors of their ways and decided to vote alongside the stoic DPRK.

It was a championing of open political discourse and understanding. Wise words were spoken to this Korean Central News Agency Reporter by the ever so enlightened Victor Luo, Head of the Martial Arts School at Kim Il-Sung Military University, in regards to the passing of the amendment, ‘Definitely the excellent work of the Grand Marshall himself, his encouragement and support not only of the representative of the DPRK but also the people of the DPRK. Members of the international community are definitely opening their eyes and not subjecting themselves to further propaganda of the allied human western scum.’

Social Media Response of Mr Victor Luo as of 11:22AM UNHRC Facebook Group

This great championing was met with a short fifteen minute coffee break, not in the form of an unmoderated caucus as one would expect. As other delegates with less shiny ideas re-entered chambers, Luo acutely recognises ‘it’s time to listen to more rhetoric.’In more important news, new technological developments in the Kimjongilia flower take precedence over the proceedings of this council as dialogue is diluted by unfounded human rights abuses by dictatorial inquiries into our affairs by the United Nations, United States and other such warmongerers.


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