The first clause, the worst clause

By Tiffany Alexander, for the BBC


CRISIS has hit the UNDP, with storms off the coast of Somalia ‘devastating rural areas dependent on subsistence agriculture for survival’, a story broken by Al Jazeera. The Somalian government is “very upset at our people starving” and feels that the achievement of stability in the disaster zone “depends on the situation in the region”. Vague as this may be, Somalia managed specificities when addressing the current draft resolution by the UNDP on the misuse and corruption of aid. Clause one* “doesn’t leave scope for disaster relief” which are the exact sentiments of Cambodia in response to devastating floods that have recently threatened their people.

The clause in question is described by Cambodia as “quite restrictive” it “doesn’t leave space to deal with a crisis such as this”. Along with deep concern for the state, Cambodia is choosing to remain optimistic, looking forward to “working with the committee to come to a solution that benefits everyone”. The kinks of this utopian solution are still being worked out, with committee moving from heart to head quite quickly in the denial of Cambodia’s request for a moment of silence for their citizens affected by the disaster. The UNDP is nothing if not efficient. *“emphasizes that all development aid from donor countries be used only to further the current Millennium Development Goals.”


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