Iran executes foreign citizens

By Katherine Voukidis for the Hindustan Times

Main building of judicial system of Iran, in Tehran.

Six Cuban, four Argentine and two United States citizens have been publicly executed in the Islamic Republic of Iran, amid reports they are “Moharebs, enemies of God”.

The delegation was invited to Iran on the 26th of November to discuss trade relations, specifically those regarding the supply of food such as grains and wheat, in a time where Iran is experiencing “inflation of around 400%” (delegate for Iran).

President Barack Obama said, “It is completely unacceptable for member states to utilise the death penalty in furtherance of political objectives”.

Iran’s Revolutionary Court found the delegation guilty of “waging war against God”. It is believed by Iran that the delegation was spying on Iranian military operations. These allegations are not yet confirmed.

Concern lies with the inability of international law to effectively prevent such crises from occurring. The potential for this issue to negatively influence diplomatic relations is evident.The Third General Assembly of the United Nations is attempting to develop a resolution that accurately reflects international concerns and attitudes. The Committee looks to balance the rights of sovereign nations to legislate within their jurisdiction, with the morals and values of the international community on the value of human life.


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