10:30am in the UNDP

By Tiffany Alexander for BBC

The importance of an unmoderated caucus is not lost on the UNDP, having just been extended for 15 minutes. Considering it’s early in session two it is with caution that we attempt to predict any clauses circulating the room at the moment.

With that in mind the UK and Israel’s negotiations have been of interest, the UK prefers to enforce existing institutions such as the IATI on the issue of donor transparency, recipient transparency is another matter. The suggestion from a mystery delegate was for a ‘UN backed peacekeeping and monitoring group’, the UK stated this was not their suggestion and Israel refused to identify whose exactly it was. The UK and Israel agree that ‘peacekeeping’ and ‘monitoring’ are to different to be lumped together in one clause, it appeared that ‘peacekeeping’ would be removed from the current draft in the interest of focusing on ‘monitoring’.

The new call is then for ‘A UN backed monitoring group’, potentially NGO’s (creating a new institution was rejected on the basis of Israel’s apathy to bureaucracy) to participate in ‘community consultation’ where individuals file reports on the impact of the development aid on their lives. The occurrence of the UK and Israel objecting to the general clause of ‘UN peacekeeping and monitoring group’ yet neglecting to identify the parent of that clause can be one of two things: loyalty to that delegate (as a signatory), or the inherent objection to press by politicians. Either way, as unmoderated caucus is extended again (at director’s discretion), it was the UK holding her laptop surrounded by discussion.


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